California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Author of Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating and creator of The Online 5 Week Step-by-Step Program to Stop Binge Eating for Good. I love working with both couples and individuals in my private practice. But as an Eating Disorder specialist, my mission in life is to help people heal from Eating Disorders. I’m especially driven to help society move away from the tyranny of thin that is so pervasive in our culture, creates disordered eating, breeds low self esteem, and encourages guilt and self hatred. I believe in the Health at Every Size movement and I like to collaborate with other like minded individuals to help society at large and individuals themselves become both emotionally and physically healthy – free from disordered eating, free from self hatred, free from binge eating, free from starvation diets, free from any kind of diet, free from addiction and free from believing that they’re not good enough.


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