Nexterus Houston an independently owned franchise of Nexterus, we offer a unique approach to supply chain management. We are a logistics consulting company not like the others, as we offer our clients with a modeled, optimized and managed solution.

Get time back in your day to focus on your core business and leave all of the hassle to us. We set you up with our fully proprietary Transportation Management System software (TMS) that helps you with daily supply chain tasks, we have specialists who optimize efficiency by reducing loss and damage claims, and we improve your warehousing and inventory management.

We provide mid-sized companies with scalable custom solutions, a transportation management system (TMS), and tools to complex business issues in an affordable way.

Freeing up your time so that you can build a successful business without being distracted by a sea of supply chain challenges.

Our solutions help optimize your supply chain operations including network (factories & warehouses), inventory, transportation (freight velocity and cost), route planning (your fleet), transportation management, distribution management, facility layout/modification, loss and damage claims filling and more.



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